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master your mind & body with Freestyle Staff Spinning

Freestyle Staff Spinning combines the very best of technical staff manipulation, martial arts and performance arts to create a badass and very fulfilling practice!

The reason I am so successful and confident in every area of my life today, is because of all the attributes that Freestyle Staff has brought has brought me.


And I want to share that magic with you! 


Click the link below to join my Free Staff Spinning Course and learn more about Freestyle Staff!

Who is freestyle

staff spinning for? 

Freestyle Staff is an art form and discipline like no other!


Combining the best technical Baton Manipulation with 

Martial Arts and Performance Arts, 

Freestyle Staff takes Staff Spinning to a whole new level. 


I've worked with Celebrities, Actors, Stunt Performers and Regular People who are looking to add up level their lives!


Freestyle Staff isn't just about learning fancy tricks! 

Freestyle Staff increases your physical fitness, your strength, mobility, also gifts next level coordination, dexterity, better memory,’s like having the coolest superpowers in your own personal movie!

And who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero?  

Click the Link Below to Learn More!


What others are saying!

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"Michelle’s talent, professionalism, instruction, character and generosity is world class. Thank you Michelle for creating an environment and path in which I can soar and thrive. I won’t forget the experience and look forward to the next one!"

Carlo (Dallas, Texas)

Stage Fight Choreographer & Educator


"I was never really confident with online classes before. And this was the very FIRST one I have ever done! And I, honestly, felt like I was there in an actual physical class. Michelle catches everything that you are doing. So you don’t feel/question if you are doing it correctly. Definitely going to be resigning up again for her next classes."


"My favourite part about working with Michelle is her down to earth yet professional personality. She can teach difficult skills to newbies with patience. The classes were the right balance between fun and challenging. I can now do certain skills I thought were beyond my reach!"

Sean (Sydney, Australia)

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Writer

Danielle (Los Angeles, CA)

Stunt Woman/Mom

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